Nuc (4-frame with queen); May 2018
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Nucs are "nucleus hives."  Our nucs include 3.5 to 4 frames of  bees, developing brood, and an accepted queen.  They are also useful for requeening problematic laying workers and very weak hives.  If started April-June a 4-frame nuc can buildup for the winter as an individual hive.  Nucs are for PICK-UP ONLY, which is confirmed through our location at 1090 Hwy 1 N, Mount Vernon, Iowa (Lynnville, IA pick-up is often possible if requested).  We ship queens, but we do not ship nucs.  We can transfer the four frames into your equipment at pick-up or send them with you in a vented nuc container that can be totally sealed for transportation.  These nucs will be available in the first half of May.  You will be notified when they are nearly mature.

Nuc (4-frame with queen); May 2018

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